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Krystal Wigfield
Owner | Senior Planner | Event Designer


KMW Weddings & Events was born in 2017 out of a passion for helping other people bring their dream events to life.

Owner and planner, Krystal Wigfield, began her career in the wedding industry in 2012. She started out as a venue manager for Nature's Point Event Center and transitioned to lead coordinator for Barr Mansion + Artisan Ballroom . At the end of 2016, she decided to step away from the venue scene and work independently. Since taking the leap to become a business owner, Krystal has focused her efforts on serving her clients to the utmost professionalism through careful logistical planning, creative problem solving, and above all else, care and kindness.


She makes the most important events in her clients’ lives be as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, she has learned to be flexible and accommodating to each client’s unique needs and preferences. She believes that it's truly an honor to be entrusted with creating and a witness to these dream moments. 

In Action

"I have to tell you that Nature's Point was the most beautiful location and Krystal was the one to make it extra special. It is not often in life that you come across someone who wants your wedding day to be more special than you, and she does. She will do anything to ensure that your day is perfect. She's like the fairy God mother that makes everything come true. When wedding planning gets stressful and you don't know who to talk to, she finds a way to calm the situation and cater to your needs (whatever that might be). You can trust her."

Tiffany & Cory

"Now I have to talk about Krystal, our coordinator. She was absolutely amazing!! Planning the wedding from across the country was challenging but I had so much confidence in her that I knew the day would be flawless, and it was. She was super organized and provided helpful suggestions. She was great with follow-up. I really trusted her. Actually, it felt like planning a wedding with a friend."

Laura & Todd

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